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Way2WebWorld– portfolio of Innovative products and solutions build to simplify and improve consumer experience in your Travel and hospitality business.Solutions meet your evolving technology and complex requirements and provide you real time marketing insights linked to your financial outcome and results.

Provide your passengers with personalized travel experience.

Travel and hospitality is the most complex industryas this involves various dimensions within its segment such as – various geographic areas, People of various characteristics, transportation modes, properties, consultants, event organizers etc..working and managing plenty of dynamic attributes bring its own set of challenges and complications which can only be meet or fulfilled with having right technology partner who can shoulder with you at all time.

The evolvement and progress of information technology has had a tremendous impact on tourism and hospitality industry. Internet technology has gained importance as it has become the driving force to work safely and effectively.The augmentation and contribution of air travel as ameans of transporting tourists to different locations is an important contribution of technology tothe tourism and travel industry. The technologies used in the tourism industry are:

  • a) Internet
  • b) Itinerary planning and Reservation System
  • c) Mobile Communication
  • d) In-Room Technology
  • e) Cashless transactions

Our digital IT solutions targeted to TRAVEL AND HOSPITALITY segment -

Travel safe with (TRAKO)

The travel industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, serving millions of people every year. These travelers demand stellar service and a seamless travel experience, which requires a lot of work from both agencies and travelers themselves. Tracking app is very essential for a traveler to assess if the route that they have taken is right or not. Apps can help analyzing which routes to avoid in case of any traffic that has occurred and ascertaining how much time it is going take to reach the destination.

Facility management solutions

Facility Management is an organizational function which integrates people, place and process within the built environment with the purpose of improving the quality of life of people and the productivity of the core business. Facility management personnel in the hospitality industry require the right software to help prioritize and improve work order tasking. Facility management solutions is implemented in travel and hospitality industry so that it can assist in functioning strategically, tactically and operationally.

Custom and Native Mobile applications

The travel and tourism industry has grown emphatically over the years. Technology has played a key role in revamping the perspective of tourism. One has to thank the handy mobile applications, which has brought a revolutionary transformation in the travel and hospitality sector. Planning for a memorable vacation with the family members wasn’t that simple before the advent of these travel apps. The mobile apps can prove to be potent marketing tool, customers can book their favorite destinations at one click and keeping the clients updated regarding pocket friendly tariffs.

Web portals

Travel industries are growing since the technology and internet users are increased. Besides, internet has also made this industry very competitive in the market. Therefore, every player in the market wants to improve their online visibility and traffic, web portals are a solution to that. Web portals help reducing order processing costs, lowering cost of interacting with customers, faster and easy reservation/booking of hotels/properties/flights/tour packages/car rental for customers and provides real-time data access and maintenance.

Fully integrated ecommerce platform to have GDS and LCCs integrated

New technologies are providing different channels for marketing and management that improve the capabilities of society. And computers are providing faster and more reliable processing with lower cost continually. In Hospitality and Tourism industry, hardware, software, information management, and telecommunications systems have allowed for the processing and information flow amongst organizations. The way in which tourism organizations take advantage of IT tools may determine their future success in the marketplace. Ecommerce platforms help in easy bill payments, providing online bill receipts without wastage of paper.

Digital Marketing and social media solutions

Digital marketing is undoubtedly the prime driver of travel and hospitality industry today. For instance, everybody uses internet to research upon the place where they intend to visit or whenever someone hears about a specific place or hotel, the first thing they tend to do is search it on the internet; in this scenario if the digital presence of a particular hotel or place is not there, then it may create an impact on the people. Here, digital marketing comes into picture. Digital marketing, unlike traditional marketing gives opportunities for customers to ask questions or queries. Digital marketing on social media create platforms for user interactions and feedbacks. Tourists share positive or negative reviews based on their travel experiences. Hence, digital marketing is based on relationships, rather than on transactions. Digital marketing helps to place your travel agency on the top of search engine results.