Banking & Financial Services

Banking & Financial services are the backbone of modern day civilization, where managing your finances are key for success and excellence. No enterprise or individual can succeed in their personal or corporate vision if they do not have efficient planning, visibility and control on their finances.

Banking environment has become highly competitive today. To be able to survive and grow in the changing market environment banks are going for the latest technologies, which is being perceived as an ‘enabling resource’ that can help in developing learner and more flexible structure that can respond quickly to the dynamics of a fast-changing market scenario. It is also viewed as an instrument of cost reduction and effective communication with people and institutions associated with the banking business. The shift from traditional banking to e-banking is changing customer’s expectations. Many banks have modernized their services with the facilities of computer and electronic equipments. The electronics revolution has made it possible to provide ease and flexibility in banking operations to the benefit of the customer. The e-banking has made the customer say good-bye to huge account registers and large paper bank accounts.

As digital enterprise Way2WebWorld offers breeds of services to enable our clients serving the banking and financial sector -

CRM Solutions

CRM software is a vital business management tool for the banking sector. For any service-based industry, an apt customer management is a primary determinant, which is capable of changing the companies face. A great CRM solution can assist any sector in marketing new customers, deal closure and facilitating outstanding support service. But the perks for banking sector are lucrative exceptions. CRM solutions improve customers retention, boosts sales, makes the efforts of marketing department more productive, increases productivity and results in better customer service and experience.

Custom and Native Mobile applications

Mobile technology has made its way in every aspect of life today. The banking industry too is witnessing the mobile shift, with banking applications becoming an essential part of every bank's portfolio. Convenience is perhaps the biggest factor that drives the success of banking apps. Nothing can be easier than being able to transfer funds and check accounts at just a tap of the finger. Banking applications have enabled the banks to raise the caliber of their services manifold. Banking applications improve the security of transactions to a certain extent. It is possible for the customers and banks to monitor transactions in real-time and locate the fraudulent activities faster with these apps.

Web portals

Online banking is a great feature, and most banks offer it. Online banking makes everything you do with your finances a bit easier. You can access the information anywhere that you have access to the Internet. It makes your financial life much easier to manage. Online banking helps us to pay our bills online, it spares us the pain to stand in long queues. Online banking allows you to access your account history and transactions from anywhere. This is the quickest way to check and see if a transaction has cleared your account. Online banking also allows you to transfer money between accounts much more quickly. It is more convenient than using the automated phone service, and can save you a trip to the bank.

Digital Marketing and social media solutions

Digital marketing helps to develop brand awareness by having a strong presence on social media. Digital marketing helps to identify the potential Banking customers by analyzing the interactions on social media. Unlike conventional strategy of sending cold emails to enquire about in personal loans, educational loans, housing loans or insurances; analyzing the user data on social media helps to generate leads that are more personalized.

Marketing automation solutions

Automation is engaging technology to do things for you so that you don’t have to do them yourself, thus reducing the level of human intervention. Automation has become a great tool almost in all industries due to the numerous advantages it offers, and the banking industry cannot afford to execute its duties without it. Automation makes banking operations more efficient in processing transactions. Bank automation can help reduce costs in the areas of hiring staff, training employees, purchasing office equipment, and paying for other physical office overhead expenses. Automation of banking business has helped increase productivity. This is because it eliminates the tedious, repetitive, and cumbersome tasks such as paperwork often associated with the banking process.