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Automotive brought speed to human life, which played key role in connecting humans at remote distances to each other. The various innovations around Automotive industry can largely be attributed to such a big and transformational impact and contribution of Information technologies in last 2 to 3 decades, which made speed of innovations much faster.

Technology is an incredible innovator, it pushes humanity forward into new realms of its existence. Within the automotive industry, technology has had a lasting, profound, and complex relationship with aspects of manufacturing, safety, and the environment would be more than obvious – without new and evolving technologies, our vehicles would be stuck in the past. The most groundbreaking technologies you can look forward to in the automotive industry in the near future:

  • a) More Fuel-Efficient Rides
  • b) Predictive Vehicle Technology
  • c) Self-Driving Technology
  • d) Cars-as-a-Service

The IT industry has joined forces with automotive companies in order to improve the way our vehicles operate these days.

Few of our digital IT solutions targeted to Automotive segment

Logistics and Assset Tracking Applications (TRAKO)

In an automotive industry, Automotive Asset Tracking and Monitoring is very essential when you are responsible for managing, designing and producing a fleet of vehicles. This allows you to improve your efficiency, mitigate risk, improve performance and delivery, improve vehicle and personnel security and safety and increase overall quality and speed to market. Tracking devices help in maximum vehicle utilization, customer satisfaction by ensuring their safety and also by the assets and inventory management, ensuring vehicle safety, route planning, speed detection, fuel monitoring and real-time monitoring.

Custom and Native Mobile applications

Cars have become not solely a device for transportation, but a platform for innovation and aggrandizement that augment the driving experience. In the times of IT and digital communication, custom and native mobile apps serve as a common bridge between manufacturers and the customers, giving a new birth to marketing and management strategies. Integrating the smartphone into cars is a new route to bring the mobile Internet and infotainment into the in-car environment. Apparently, in the near future the most successful car manufacturers will be those that operate more like high-technology companies and strive to make the in-car consumer experience more compelling.

Web portals and ecommerce applications

While the digital revolution presents businesses with many challenges, it also presents huge opportunities, and the automotive aftermarket is a shining example of that. In addition to paving the way to more sales, a good e-commerce solution also solves many age-old problems for automotive parts suppliers, manufacturers and retailers. Displaying and managing large auto parts inventories can be overwhelming.

Digital Marketing and social media solutions

The automotive industry has departed from its notorious reluctance when it comes to emerging technologies, becoming a trendsetter for innovation. And this switch has definitely been influenced by the increasingly popular role the internet now plays in car related decisions. Regardless of whether your automotive brand or business is actively making an online footprint, one is being made for you. Between automotive websites and review sites, your name is out there and it’s better to be the one in the driver’s seat, leading the discussion. There are great digital marketing tools that are easy to use & will take your online presence to a new level.