Life science

Life science has always been critical sector and among the most critical and essential segment in the existence of the modern day civilization. Adoption of information and technology has brought new dimension of digital transformation in the way this industry operates.

The healthcare systems and associated industry vertical around life science are continuously evolving.

The advent of computer and information technology thereafter has been making such conspicuously remarkable changes in every aspect of life that its importance cannot be over accentuated. Biological sciences are not an exception in the profit made from IT.

As digital enterprise Way2WebWorld offers breeds of services to enable our clients serving the Life science sector -

CRM Solutions

CRM is a business strategy aimed as understanding, anticipating and responding to your customers, in a way that grows relationships and satisfies mutual objectives. When supported with repeatable processes and technology automation, CRM directly enables market access, customer acquisition and related strategies that impact revenues and company growth, while also delivering information for both business intelligence and regulatory compliance. CRM helps in market realignment as the ability to realign markets, whether by territory, product, customer segmentation or even as a response to new regulations, is a near constant demand in the life sciences industry. Business development in the life sciences industry demands that sales pros manage a high number of short meetings and be equipped with the most salient information for every meeting. Forward thinking life sciences leaders have an opportunity to change the communication from a one-way monologue whereby (marketing) messages are broadcast to recipients in mass, to a dialogue, whereby they actually engage customers and community members.

Doctors directory and reservation system (Scheduling)

Many patients are turning to the web to schedule doctor appointments. This trend is becoming more common. Medical practices are complicated structures with many responsibilities. The approach each physician chooses, to maintain timely communication with his patients, is crucial for earning trust, building rapport and increasing the number of the patients drawn to the practice. The benefits of applying specialized software are obvious – the appointment schedules are much easier to be generated. Date, hours, time frames are easy to monitor, switch and revise when necessary. The software creates customized appointment settings based on physician, time necessity, reason, and patient status. Easy appointment confirmations in lead time enables the staff to eliminate duplications. The system automatically notifies the patient in due course for any pending appointments, follow ups or changes made. This feature would reduce the number of the no-shows your practice might suffer.

Complete and comprehensive CMS based Web portals

Content Management System (CMS) based web portals are recognized as a promising mechanism to support greater patient engagement, yet questions remain about how health care leaders, policy makers, and designers can encourage adoption of patient portals and what factors might contribute to sustained utilization. CMS helps in quick & easy page management, provides consistent brand and standard navigation, workflow management; we can manipulate content without fear of accidentally changing the design.

Custom and Native Mobile applications

Mobile devices have created a new communication channel between healthcare service providers and patients. However, the benefits of mobile devices in healthcare go beyond the communication channels. They enable better coordination, improve diagnostic accuracy, and build a bridge of trust. Some of the advantages of using mobile devices by providers as well as patients are better point-of-care coordination, seamless dataflow, direct patient management, provides convenience, caters to customizations, real-time communication among others.

Digital Marketing and social media solutions

Technological advancements have changed the way industries have been functioning for long, the way they were used to working and marketing their business. Life Sciences are probably the most advanced field in terms of technological advancements and implementation of technology into the delivery of services touching everyone’s life. With the help of Digital Marketing and Social Media Solutions, life science companies can develop marketing strategies. Companies in the life sciences can use social media data to great advantage in correcting misinformation, identifying problems patients are having, developing better-targeted marketing messages, and developing new products.

Marketing automation solutions

Automated technology is in the process of revolutionizing our lives. Marketing automation refers to the technologies designed to automate repetitive marketing tasks, allowing organizations to more effectively market across multiple online channels such as email, social media, and webpages. Marketing automation allows life sciences organizations to nurture patients, healthcare providers, hospital administrators, etc. with tailored, useful content that can help convert them to customers or delight them as current customers. This type of marketing automation typically generates significant new revenue for companies, and provides an excellent return on the investment required. It takes repetitive tasks out of play so more time can be spent focusing on fresh marketing initiatives for what matters most: improving patient outcomes.