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Catord leading product cataloging and ordering mobile app

India is fast moving towards to be Digital Economy, every company is moving towards the Digitilisation, it's the then we have decided to be part Of this mass movement, We are now introducting our latest offering "CATORD" , a cutting edge Product Catalogue Management and Ordering Application. The application has been specifically aimed to provide a platform to manufacturers as well as retailers to showcase their prod- ucts to their customers. We have used latest technology to build this application and our more than 15 years of Experience in Information Technology Domain has helped us to test it on all parameters.

Our Mobile App combines WEB INTERFACE with MOBILE APPLICATION, Now Ordering and Processing would happen on a Click Of Mouse at any TIME, no need Of Any Phone Calls ?

What is the process?


Admin adds the products, their attributes and photographs With Costs.


Admin the add the users and assigns a password to their mobile number, same is sent to the mobile. A link to download the mobile app too is sent with it.


users downloads the app, enter username password and can see product catalogue.


Users then can enter the requisite value Of Stock. add to his cart and send back to Admin.


Admin then processes his order and message is sent via SMS and mobile for the sane.

Some Salient Features of "CATORD"

  • Add Unlimited Categories of your Products
  • Add Unlimited Products to the Categories
  • Unlimited Application Downloads
  • You can add/modify/delete any category product.
  • Direct ordering System
  • Customer/Dealer can order directly from their mobile, choosing quantity.
  • Direct Feedback from Client..
  • Send unlimited messages to your dealers/retailers/customers.
  • Full logo customization and color customization.
  • Customized Splash Screen.
  • Direct Download link from Playstore and AppStore
  • No Costs to upload catalogue in Playstore.
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